Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ohhh... he's a teenager!

Zen has been just about the perfect puppy. He's pretty easy. He really does learn quickly, and he was easy to socialize. I can take him almost anywhere with me.

Then he turned into a teenager.

He is still good, or at least, he really tries, but his energy level seems to have doubled. Rumor says he is no longer a puppy and she would like nothing to do with him at home thank you very much. She has space issues, she will play with him outside on our walks and things, but at home she wants to be left alone. Zen doesn't quite get that yet. So he pesters her, he loves the cat and the cat doesn't love him back. The only one he really doesn't bother is Carrie.

He's doing great in puppy class. With just the minimal work we do there his heeling has improved. I tried to get Harley to take pictures yesterday, but he had somewhere else to be during class time. The instructor brings baby agility equipment and he's done the tunnel, a mini dogwalk and mini teeter. I'm not training anything on them yet, just having him walk over them and get treats. I had him bang the end of the baby teeter a few times before he walked on it. He didn't mind the noise or movement so I figured he would be ok. He was. He can do the tunnel unassisted. At first the instructor held him at the end and I called him through, but now I can just point him towards it and he goes through.

I have his entries for his first show filled out. I'm starting to get excited about it. I need to mail them in this week. Next Friday he will be 6 months old!

I took some pictures of him yesterday. He played with Harley's dogs in the backyard. Harley's neighbor has a cute little pit puppy (about Zen's age) and they were loving each other through the fence.

Anyway, time to get ready for work.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I was curious. I want to know how tall my puppy is.

He is 5 months and.. oh.. a couple of week. Basically 5.5 months.

I did it the very unscientific way. It was the only way I could measure him without any assistance. I taped paper to the wall and stacked him beside it. I took a pen and laid it across his withers and drew a line on the paper. I measured him twice.

Zen is between 18.75 and 19 inches tall.

Just for kicks, Rumor is 18.75" and Carrie is about 19.25".

Looks are deceiving. Everyone has been saying for weeks that he is taller than Carrie. Nope, she just carries her head lower than he does.

I do wonder how tall he will mature. I'm hoping he will be right at 20".

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Little Monster

I saw Monsters Vs Aliens yesterday. For a kids movie it was pretty entertaining. The funny part was when Insectosaurus came on the screen and Harley said "Look it's Zen." He was joking at first, but really. The red hair, the funny noises he makes, the SNOT! OMG I laughed so hard! Then at the end Insectosaurus turns into a beautiful butterfly. (lol)

Just so you can get a visual.

It's Zennamin!

He is teething badly. After thinking he was never going to lose his canines, he lost 3 in one day and the last one about 2 days later. He couldn't pick things up very well after that. He still isn't great at it. No tugging for him for a bit.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

5 Month Birthday!

Really? Really?! My little guy is 5 months old? He's growing up so fast!

Zen got quite the 5 months birthday gift. He got obedience lessons courtesy of the Kennel Club of Texarkana! Well, it just so happened that his first night of class landed on such a special day.

He did so well. He already knows all of the commands that they are going to be teaching in class, but its extra socialization and better distractions. He was able to do everything he knows in class. He got to heel, sit, down, and stand. The socializing part was pretty fun. They had us switch dogs with someone else in the class. I honestly thought Zen wouldn't do well with this. He's *such* a momma's boy. I told the girl who took him to show him a treat and walk off. He totally went with her and I saw him doing tricks for her. He wasn't so sure why she was trying to lure him into a down, but he did it. I got to spend some time with Mack, the boxer. He was a bit worried about class, so we just sat there and chilled. He did sit for me, but he was a little too nervous to take treats.

After that we did more heeling then we all sat in a circle and "passed the puppy" Zen loved everyone. He was great. Again. I was surprised he wasn't trying to get back to me, but he really had a good time.

After class Judy and Brenda wanted to work some conformation so Zen and I joined in. He's doing SO much better with only a very few lessons. He was getting really tired by the end, so we called it quits.

Everyone went on a two hour hike today, so we are going to bed early. I will try to get pictures up soon, but I have A&PII photos that need to be labeled and studied before I edit my "for fun" photos.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Resemblance

Here is Zen:


Here is his grandfather

I totally see the resemblance.

Saturday Morning

This week has been busy. Nothing in particular, just various normal activities keeping me busy.

The dogs had a couple of hikes last week. Thursday we went hiking and I have yet to look at the pictures I took. Zen went to PetSmart a few times this past week, plus daycare on Monday and Friday. The weather has been nice.

Today we are meeting up with some friends to "play dog show" at the park. Maybe I can get someone to take video. I have been practicing stacking with him, but I don't have many volunteers to go over him for me. We haven't done much gaiting work either, and I bet his freestack is non-existant. I'm planning to teach a "stand" command anyway, so I might as well get started. I look at his teeth daily, so he's mostly ok with that. His bite still looks good.

Anyway, after playing dog show I might take the dogs on another hike.

Hopefully I can get some pictures up later.