Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Texarkana Dog Show

Our local show is this weekend. The counts are 1-6-3-0. No points in boys, but if some specials show up there is a chance Zen could go BOW for his first MAJOR! I'm excited, but trying not to expect anything. I have NO idea who the other ACD's are. I thought everyone was going to San Antonio.

Harley and my mom will probably come watch. A couple of people from work said they might make it out, Liz and her husband will for sure.

I love this show because I get to stay in my own bed. Last year the aussie people all got together at Brenda's house and we had a great time. I'm looking forward to it this year because Zen can wrestle with aussies while the humans talk dogs.

I'm handling Shaine for Jenn this weekend. She's preggers and doesn't fit into her show clothes, plus she's contemplating sending him with me to a show or two. She's buying me sushi on Friday night for my efforts :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wool is yummy

Before I cough up the video I need to give everyone a little backstory here. About a month ago Zen and I went herding with a BC trainer that I have been going to for quite a while. We had a really bad experience. Zen had been there before and the trainer was really good with him and my other dog, Rumor. Zen was a little older this time, a little bigger, and a little more eager to do the sheep thing. He did some wool-pulling on this lady's sheep and she absolutely had a cow. She told me I had no control over my dog, that he was totally blowing me off and had no respect for me. She said she wanted me to bring him back on a prong collar. I left in tears.

I know this dog, he's *not* pushy and over the top. Not to me anyway. Does he sometimes push the limits to see what he can get away with, yeah, he's a puppy. Well I e-mailed his breeder and she was super supportive. She had some good advice to offer as well. While I would *love* to be able to spend some time with her to herd, Washington State is very far. Maybe one day when all the stars line up just right I can make it out there to do some herding. Right now, I'm stuck in Texas.

I e-mailed Debbie. She lives about an hour away and has ACD's. I didn't tell her what happened, I just told her that when they get together to do some herding I would like to join. Well, Debbie texted me Friday night and said they were going to worm sheep/trim hooves on Saturday and they would be able to start herding soon after that. I told her I wanted to help. One day I hope to have my own sheep to train with, so I'd like to learn about all things sheep. Debbie said I could bring my dogs and to be there at 7a.m.

After all the sheep were taken care of I was good and sweaty/muddy/bloody etc. She said we could do a quick session. I told her about our experience and told her I wanted her to work Zen for me to see what she thought. Well, he went with her, but ran back to me when she dropped the long-line. So I went out there and he was ready to herd. I will let the video speak for itself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zen and Kate + a date!

My neighbor is out of town and I am feeding her dogs for her. I thought their lab, Kate would be a good playmate for Zen so I brought her over the other afternoon. They did play, but Kate is older than Zen and she was more into just chilling out in the pool. It is super hot here. In the 90's everyday this week.

Zen had conformation practice tonight and did really well. He hasn't practiced at all since the Marshall show at the beginning of May.

Zen and Kate's Play Date!