Sunday, May 15, 2016

Reese on Sheep

First time on sheep at 14.5 weeks. (yay!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Camping April 2016

It's tradition. We do two big camping trips a year. The dogs go, we go with a big group of friends, its a good time. Reese was initiated! She loved camping, everyone loved her. She loved them. Fabulous.

Biggest problem, EVERYONE was calling her name trying to get her to come sit in their lap or cuddle. She was usually running back and forth, chasing Zen or Gus and in general, not in a position where I would have been using her name to get her attention. So we will be spending a lot of time building value for her name again. The socialization was great though. I wouldn't let her swim in the river because it rained, literally all day and all night Friday, and the water was WAY up. Too much current for her baby swim skills.

She gets more confident every day. Her shaping sessions are getting better/easier. She does basically whine/bark when frustrated, so I'm hoping we will work through that, too. Oddly, she has a lot of traits that remind me of Rumor, maybe it's just a girl thing ;)

No video from last week, I guess I was too busy and forgot to set it up, I took some this morning though. Going to work through lesson two of our Puppy Foundations class with Silvia Trkman.

Stacked photo from yesterday. She's getting so big! I had to readjust her harness, its no longer too big for her!