Thursday, May 27, 2010

Zen's a Raw Dog

Zen has eaten bits and pieces of raw before, but tonight was his first fully raw meal. I did enough clicker training earlier that I felt he'd had enough kibble for the day. He ate his first raw meal like a trooper.

If you don't like to look at raw meat please, look no further. There ARE pictures!


Chicken leg quarter and ground turkey. The pill is a B vitamin w/ folic acid and Vit C in it.

He ate the turkey first.

Nom Nom


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My big dude

So, I measured Zen again. He can stop growing at any moment! Really. I measured twice and I got 20.5 inches and 20.25 inches. So he's over 20 now. Unless I'm horribly off. I don't see much growth plate (if any) left in the front legs, but I know he's got some filling out to do. I can only hope he stays this height. It would be wonderful if he would settle a bit. Oh well, no matter how big he gets he will never outgrow his nickname. He will always be the little doodles.









Sorry they are so dark. It was raining outside, so even with the blinds open it was still pretty dark in my room.

Next weekend Zen and Rumor get to go with me to Houston. My cousin is graduating from high school and my brother and I are going to go watch. After the ceremony he and I will probably go to my Aunt and Uncle's house to visit a while, but we want to sneak away early for a beach trip. I gave him a couple of spots to look into and we think we found a beach we want to visit.

Zen will get to go for sure, and depending on how hot it is Rumor and Terra may come along too. BJ took T down to Houston with him when he left for college. She keeps him in line and he gives her some good one-on-one belly scratches. Anywho, it will just depend on if I feel like toting the x-pen and stuff to the beach. Rumor is reactive so if there are a ton of people or any other dogs she would need to be kept an eye on 100%. Terra is just old and doesn't hear well anymore so the x-pen would be for her safety. Would allow her to sunbathe without worry of her wandering off.

Carrie won't be coming with me for a couple of reasons. I'm still waiting to get some surgery done on her leg, so I wouldn't want her to overdo it with exercise. The other reason is that she does not like Terra. While they are fully manageable, I'd like to just relax and not worry about it. I'm sure she will be happy at home with a supply of frozen kongs and bully sticks.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long time

I should blog more. Really though, school is out now. I am just waiting, waiting, waiting to hear if I got into the nursing program. I can't take any more classes until I get in. So, right now I'm working full time. I feel like I have a little more free time these days because I no longer have to come home and study. The days are getting longer. They are also getting HOTTER! It was 95 degrees today according to WeatherBug at work.

I have some video I'm about to upload to YouTube.

Zen's next dog show is my local show in June. I need to enter him very soon. It would be a shame to miss our home show due to my forgetting to enter. :) They have puppy groups, so since we probably won't have much competition (the San Antonio show is the same weekend) maybe he can make it to the puppy groups. :)

I inherited this really cool camera from my grandfather. Its a Minolta Maxxum 700o. It's a film camera. I haven't used it yet as I have only had it like 3 days, but when I get the money for film I want to see what it can do. It's supposedly the first make/model of camera to come with autofocus on the body. It has a lot of neat things about it, so I'm getting kind of excited to use it. I think I'm becoming a camera geek.

Anywho, pictures of a camera:



Came with a flash and two lenses


And the original owners manual.

This camera was very well taken care of. When I got it everything was in it's individual case and the lenses had their caps on them. The large lense has it's original box with price sticker and warranty card. Each lense also has a filter on it. Pretty cool.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


That uploaded quickly!

First Show

Zen's first show was April 23,24,25. It was my birthday weekend at a favorite local show. Shreveport, LA. Zen was great! He showed like a dream all three days. He was winners dog by default. He was the only male. There were two other bitches, but they were very nice and more mature than he is. So Zen was content with his winners dog ribbon and his Best of Opposite ribbon.

I did get Deidra to take some video which I'm about to upload. She took video of the first day and he was a bit wiggly for the judge, but every day he got better.

He did the fun match on Saturday night. It was a puppy party! We were the last ring to get through and he got to sit ringside and play with dog after dog all evening. He played with a couple of aussies, a cute dachshund, a brittany puppy, a corgi, and a GSP puppy. He showed well in the match and got himself a group 2.

We have another show this weekend in Marshall, TX. He is the only male again. There are a couple of girls entered, so he has the possibility of getting a point or two, but he's so young we are just out there to have fun and gain experience.

Video soon.