Thursday, September 29, 2016

Quick Update

Yet again, I've been quite busy and haven't had much time to update. Life goes on, and training and trialing are still happening. I've hardly been home, except to go to work during the week. :)

With fall weather on it's way, I've been doing more herding. YAY! We have two upcoming herding clinics this winter/early spring and after that I hope to have Zen ready to trial. Reese may not be far behind him, but I'm not rushing anything. We all have a lot to learn. She has a bit more advantage than Zen ever has because I have more experience under my belt, so she doesn't have to be the experimental dog. Zen doesn't mind though, he's game for anything. <3 p="">

Reese is still in her Foundation Fun class, and doing well, I haven't had much time to film, or edit video, but FUN is being had.

Her first official conformation show in this weekend. A small local show. She definitely needs time to mature, but we will show in the puppy classes and just have a good time. If we take a point or two, yay, if not, we will still have fun. I don't get in a rush to finish dogs anyway.

October is FULL of trials and shows, so hopefully I'll update more frequently. Always check my YouTube channel, I uploaded video from a couple of the last agility trials. I don't usually get much video.