Friday, November 4, 2016

October Update

Reese had her first official conformation shows in October, all small shows with just a few points available. Our main goal was to have fun and keep all 4 feet on the floor. I'd say Reese had a pretty good first month! She was shown 5 times and took winners bitch 3 out of 5 times. So she's up to 3 single points towards her championship.

The plan is to show in my local area on weekends that don't have either a herding trial or agility trial, so our conformation shows will be limited for a while. She's still a baby and I like to let my dogs grow up some before I really try to finish them in conformation.

Reese has her very first workshop/seminar coming up. The day after Thanksgiving we will go for a few hour workshop on recalls, hoping to solidify our skills with some fun drills and distractions.

Zen has a UKI trial coming up where our goal is to push for speed and have FUN. We are doing an online class currently. More on that later.

Both dogs will be doing a 3 day herding clinic in December which I am super excited about.

Anyway, those are the main updates that I've missed, so here are a few videos from the past few weeks.

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